Free Stock Mock-up Poster Image!

Here’s a great stock image we found that is 100% royalty free to use in your next website or graphic design project! This is a “mock-up” style graphic, which means it’s set up for you to drop your own image into the blank canvas and it should look natural & realistic.

Not sure how to use this mockup sample? Contact a Brainy Beaver designer to help you customize this image for your product or design!

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Brainy Beaver is now on Stumbleupon!

Search engines, like Google, Bing, or Yahoo are used to search the Internet for websites related to the specific words or phrases you search for… boring!

StumbleUpon is a “discovery engine”. Unlike a search engine, a discovery engine does not look for exactly what you want. Instead, its goal is to find the most useful and interesting website on the internet and match them to the people with an interest in those topics. It’s a fun way to discover websites similar to ones you like – or random awesomeness that you wouldn’t have even thought to search for.

1.) Infinite zooming comic tapestries (
2.) Create & send private notes that self destruct, Mission-Impossible style (
3.) Literally paint a picture with words (

Stumbleupon has a vast community of websites, and users that help rate and populate it with new sites every day, so it populates new material each time you use it. You can even install handy toolbars in your browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Exporer, Safari) so you can easily stumble around the world wide web. Be sure to give us a thumbs up if you happen to stumble upon 😉