Brainy Beaver’s Computer Matchmaking Service

Let Brainy Beaver identify your needs (and budget), then find the best deal for you!

If you’ve been shopping for a new computer, you may have noticed that the options are a bit confusing and at times overwhelming. The stores and brands to choose from are virtually endless! Let Brainy Beaver identify your needs (and budget), then find the best deal for you.

We’ve helped lots of people find a computer they can truly love and rely on. We know where to look, which retailers to avoid, and what to look for in a good PC deal. We make no profit from your purchase, we’re just here to help steer you toward the perfect PC for you. 🙂

We’ll check the top retailers (Best Buy, Staples, Dell, Newegg, etc.), as well as our own trusted resources, to find the best-priced products that completely match your needs. You’ll receive a report of your top five matches, including the direct web link or physical address to purchase them.

This service is available now for just $19.99. Want it for free? Schedule an in-home setup for your new computer ($179) and we’ll waive your matchmaker fee.

Let a Brainy Beaver computer expert visit your home (or office) to: Unbox your PC and get it online, install your (printer, speakers, and USB devices), transfer data from your old PC, install your favorite programs, install software updates, install antivirus/security software, optimize your internet browser, remove bloatware, and set up a regular data backup.

Contact a Brainy Beaver matchmaker for more information!