Free Stock Mock-up Poster Image!

Here’s a great stock image we found that is 100% royalty free to use in your next website or graphic design project! This is a “mock-up” style graphic, which means it’s set up for you to drop your own image into the blank canvas and it should look natural & realistic.

Not sure how to use this mockup sample? Contact a Brainy Beaver designer to help you customize this image for your product or design!

Stock image courtesy of

Download the free font “Slot” and check out how we used it!

With some imagination, fonts can be more versatile and useful than they first appear. It was probably not what the creator had in mind, but here we’ve used the “Slot Font” as a base to create a logo that simulates the appearance of a trumpet. There are countless free fonts out there in tons of styles, so get extra creative with your next project!

Download “Slot Font” here.

Instantly discover the perfect color schemes & combinations

Discover the Perfect Color Schemes & Combinations for your painting or design project, with

Coolors is a beautiful and easy to use website that performs one amazing function with the click of a button. You choose a starting color, or group of colors, and every time you click the spacebar it will generate new colors that match well with your starting color!

You can even control certain details like the shade, hue, saturation and brightness, allowing you to generate countless color combos for you to choose from. There do exist other free website with color generators, but we at Brainy Beaver have found to be the most fun and visually pleasing to use.
Visit today, view the brief tutorial and start generating!

Identify The Dominant Pantone Colors In Your Image And Match Them With The Perfect Palette

Instantly Identify the dominant Pantone colors in your image and match them with the Perfect Palette at is a useful tool that allows you to identify the most dominant Pantone colors in any image. Just upload any image, and the site will scan and identify the dominant colors in your image.

And to make it even more useful, it will also show you related colors that would match well with them! We’re not exactly sure what you’ll need this site for, but we know when you do you’ll be glad to have it 😉

Difference Between CMYK and RGB Colors

What is the difference Between CMYK and RGB Colors?

If you’re a graphic designer or professional printer you surely know what these two terms mean, but for the rest of us here’s a simple explanation of these acronyms.

The terms CMYK & RGB refer to the colors used to render a displayed image. RGB is commonly used in Digital or electronic devices like Televisions, Computer Monitors or Digital Cameras. RGB uses the additive primary colors of Red, Green & Blue in different combinations and extremes to create all the colors of the spectrum!

This is the most common color format because it allows for the widest spectrum of colors and highest resolution.

CMYK is commonly used for printing purposes like business cards, flyers or clothing. CMYK uses the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black to create the necessary colors for the design. CMYK is used primarily for printing because of the way the printing machines process colors and apply them to paper or cloth.

CMYK print most accurately re-produces the colors on your screen onto the printed material, which is why it’s preferred by designers.

If you have any other questions about color modes or how to use them, please feel free to contact Brainy Beaver at any time!