Data Recovery Services

No Data – No Fee Guarantee!

If we can’t recovery your data, we don’t charge for the attempt. Call for a
free drive diagnostic, and a guaranteed quote for your recovery.

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Data Recovery Services

If you’ve lost important files, we can help you get them back.

  • Data Recovery Recover lost data from broken computers & hard drives.
  • Data Migration Transfer files, settings & favorites from an old PC to a new one.
  • Dead Computers & USB Drives Retrieve files from drives or computers that no longer turn on.
  • Deleted Files Get back accidentally deleted files from a computer, drive or device.
  • Corrupted Files / Windows Errors Blue Screen, Virus, Spyware, or Malware related data loss.
  • Catastrophic Failure Drives found after floods, fires, tornadoes, crashes, etc.
  • Physically Damaged Banged, crushed, dropped, cleaved & impaled drives.
  • Electronic FailureOccurs when a drive’s electrical circuits have failed.
  • Mechanical Failure Occurs when internal parts fail to move properly.

The first step is a FREE DRIVE DIAGNOSTIC

Next, your recovery will be categorized into one of three categories.


Category 1

Used for drives without physical damage, when data is inaccessible, or corrupted.

Examples include:

  • Accidentally deleted files.
  • Laptops that will not turn on.
  • Desktops that will not turn on.
  • Data stuck on an old, or broken PC.
  • Data lost to viruses, or Windows errors.

Category 2

This category repairs file corruptions on hard drives, and recovers data from damaged flash media & portable devices.

Examples include:

  • Broken USB drives & SD cards.
  • Scratched CDs/DVDs.
  • Corrupted office documents or images.
  • Damaged cell phones & tablets.

Category 3

This category is for recoveries that require physical drive repair. To keep your data safe, a drive must be opened and repaired inside a Class 100 Data Recovery Clean Room.

Examples include:

  • Crushed, cleaved, or mangled drives.
  • Drives with fire, heat, or liquid damage.
  • Damage from lightning, or power surges.

How do I get started?

You can mail us your drive or device for a free diagnostic,
or if you live in northern NJ, we can come to you.

``My dog knocked my laptop off the shelf smashing it into pieces. I’ve known Chris for over 15 years and he’s my go to guy. He saved all my data!``
Jonathan Modeen
Laptop Data Recovery
``Chris, you are a life saver!!! Thank you for all your help with both my software and hardware issues.``
Gunge Boscarino
Data Recovery / Laptop Repair
``Brainy Beaver recovered the photos that I thought were lost and even brought my laptop back to life. I'd definitely recommend them to friends and family.``
Andrea Celin Martinez
Data Recovery Client