Marco Polo is a trendy app that’s pretty much a video walkie-talkie, but with some sweet filters and effects! Normally I’m not interested in any form of communication aside from texting or email, but my friend encouraged me to try out Marco Polo and promised I’d have fun with it.

At first I wasn’t too impressed, because it just seemed like another version of Snapchat. My friend and I could easily take video clips and instantly send them back and forth. The video effect filters are cool, but there are only a handful to choose from. The big difference I noticed was it lets you re-watch all of the messages in the conversation, unlike Snapchat.

I was about to give up on it, but then my friend sent me a message with one of the voice filters…I literally laughed out loud for a solid 30 seconds at the sound of him in the high-pitched helium voice, it really caught me off guard! ?┬áIt may be silly, but the ability to make my voice sound like a robot or chipmunk is a good enough reason to have some fun with the app.

I then discovered perhaps the best, or at least most useful part, of the Marco Polo app. You have the ability to actually draw, in real-time, on the screen in different colors over your videos! This is incredibly useful if you’re trying to help someone fix or do something remotely and you need to help them visually understand what you’re describing. I’m honestly surprised that this feature doesn’t already exist by default on all smart phones!

In the end, I kept Marco Polo for the live-drawing feature, but I occasionally do have fun sending silly videos to random friends that also use the app.

If you use Marco Polo and have an opinion or funny story about using it, feel free to comment below!

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