Remote Repair FAQ

Remote Repair FAQ

Why choose Brainy Beaver?

There are many companies that do web-design. What sets us apart is:

  • Expert service with no hourly fees.
  • We’re big on customer satisfaction.
  • You’ll never reach a call center. We are real people, based in NJ, and always easy to reach.
  • We only use personable, friendly, professional, qualified technicians who can fix your problems, answer your questions, and help you enjoy using your computer again.
Do you offer remote services in my area?
Can you remove computer viruses?
What is a Service Call, exactly?
How does a Service Call work?
How much does a Service Call cost?
How long will it take to fix my computer?
Do you offer same-day repairs?
What is your service guarantee?
Do you work on Mac computers?
Something happened and I’ve lost important files – can you help?
What laptop do you recommend?
What is the difference between viruses and malware?
What antivirus software do you recommend?

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