If you’ve been using computers as long as we have, then you too have felt the inconvenient struggle to try and play a music or video file that produces nothing but playback or file-type errors. Oh, you wanted to listen to that new Drake album or watch Star Wars on Blu-ray while you should be working? Nope! Your default media player says no 🙁

For those times that stuff just doesn’t work the way it should, give VLC a shot before heading back to Netflix. VLC Player is a free and flexible program that loads fast, and plays all types of multimedia formats without needing to download codecs or plugins! It will recognize original and burned CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s, and runs on all platforms including Windows, MAC OS X and more.

You can also customize VLC with all kinds of skins and extensions to make it even more awesome and unique to your personal preferences. Check out www.videolan.org and start using VLC today!

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