Most people have heard of “The Cloud” at one time or another, but what exactly is it and why do we use it!? Simply put, the cloud is a collection of servers (computers) that run programs and store files on their hard drives, and allow people online to access them! They do the same things your smart phone or personal computer do, only you use the computing power of a remote server instead of your own device!

For example, let’s say you have an IPhone with 16gb of storage space on it, and now you’ve completely filled it up with pictures, apps and videos. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone with more space or deleting your stuff, you can spend a few bucks per month and sign up for 100gb of online cloud storage space! Now you can sync your phone to that online folder, that only you can securely access, and expand your storage capacity instantly and exponentially!

Something wonderful that companies like Adobe now offer is cloud based programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Now an artist or designer can not only access these unique, expensive pieces of software for an affordable monthly price, they can access them from any computer in the world with an Internet connection!

The cloud is an ever-expanding concept that continues to help people and businesses grow and access the vital resources they need to succeed.

Here are some of the top Cloud based sites to check out, or feel free to contact Brainy Beaver with any questions about Cloud based services!    (by Google)          (by Microsoft)
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