If you’re looking to buy a new Personal Desktop computer or laptop, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices out there! Here’s a super quick guide to help the average user get the right computer at the right price.

1) What do you use your computer for?

Unless you’re a graphic designer or a high-end gamer, you probably use your computer for a few common tasks like browsing the Internet, checking your e-mail, or watching movies and listening to music! The truth is that technology has gotten to the point where you can get a fast computer that handles all these common tasks and more with great reliability at an affordable price! You should be spending between $400-$700 for your PC, and it could be even less with a great sale you may find online or in a store!


2) What specs should my $400-700 PC have?

Here are a few basic technical specifications to look for when choosing your new computer. Please note that while there are other options in this same price range, we have found these to be the most efficient and consistently reliable machines!

– Intel i5 processor with at least 6gb of RAM

($400-$500 on average)

– Intel i7 processor with at least 8-166gb of RAM

($600-$700 on average)


3) Where should I buy my new computer?

We suggest buying your new computer from any major retailer or trusted online site. Stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Microcenter and even Staples often have great deals on electronics, especially laptops! You can also use trusted websites like tigerdirect.comnewegg.com, or buy directly from Microsoft at their website! All of these options offer return policies and the ability to buy extended warranties, so as long as you choose a computer with the right technical specs you’ll be good to go!


For more information about choosing the right computer for you and how to set it up once you have it, please feel free to contact Brainy Beaver for a free phone consultation!

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